We proudly welcome to Rose Miller to the team

Magia are proud to announce Rose Miller as the newest addition to the UK team.

Rose is a certified Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Implementation Specialist and Business Analyst, with four years’ business and technical experience working in UK Government and Finance Sector IT.  Rose’s recent roles include:

  • Scrum Master for the OPA Development Team within the central shared service provider for several key Central Government departments responsible for funding education and training providers in England.
  • Key lead in implementation of an accredited Oracle Policy Automation Centre of Excellence at a Central Government Agency.
  • Lead OPA Rules Developer on several key projects at a Central Government Agency to develop data collection, funding calculation and payment systems. Responsible for architecting rulebases, authoring rules, testing, defect resolution, integration advice as well as elicitation of business rules and business analysis.
  • Business Analyst at a major UK Banking Group, where she was involved in designing and creating technical specifications for use by nationwide development teams, performing time-sensitive impact assessments for projects, documenting and clarifying requirements and maintaining the team-wide requirements documents, high-level UAT and re-writing and updating technical and business guides.

As well as Rose’s interest and expertise in OPA and Business Analysis, she is a Psychology BSc (hons) graduate with an interest in languages and cognitive psychology. At home, she enjoys gardening, cooking and keeping up to date with a multitude of sci-fi books, games, and TV.

Magia are excited to welcome Rose to our team and we are very much looking forward to another year delivering high value business solutions to our expanding client base.

A Seasonal Note

A little note from our directors.

We would like to thank all of our clients, partners, and associates for your loyalty and support, during a truly fantastic 2016! It’s been a year of significant change of Magia as we rebranded from TruePenny People UK earlier in the year into becoming Magia Consulting which was strategic turning point us, and one in which we have valued the support from our peers and network of associates.

One of our key projects this year, was implementation of a new service for online collection and submission of a large volume of financial data, fully validated upon entry and dynamically controlled intelligent information collection. This went from proof of concept stage in August, to going live 3 months later, in a fully integrated solution using Oracle Policy Automation v12 for data collection, validation, and calculations, with all data and outcomes going through to the clients’ existing backend software.

Since the Summer, we have also engaged with a number Higher Education institutes to enhance their Oracle Service Cloud solution, and a central government tax authority for using Oracle Policy Automation for intelligant digital forms, and personalised advice.

We look forward to 2017 and wish our partners and clients a fantastic new year.

Alliance Down Under 2016 Summary

Alliance Down Under 2016 Summary


The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) “Alliance Down Under” event took place in Gold Coast Australia on November 9th-11th. The event attracts higher education users from all over Australia to talk about emerging technologies, ways of doing things and seeing how universities can learn from one another.

Prior to the event, Magia Consulting presented a day and-a-half workshop on Oracle Policy Automation administration. A lot of universities are either already utilising OPA or are thinking about using it in areas like student enrolment, HR, finance calculations and more. OPA provides a way for subject matter experts (SME) to model the sometimes very complicated rules and policies in a way that is clear and transparent in natural language using Word and Excel.

There’s a real drive within Higher Education to reduce time to market and to get value for money. The fact that OPA is available in a full cloud version and that it combines incredibly well with the Oracle Service Cloud (which many universities already use), means that these requirements can be met.

The event was a great success (also helped by the glorious Gold Coast weather!) and will be held again next year.

Design A Delightful CX – Magia Consulting presenting at UKOUG APPS2016, Birmingham UK

Design A Delightful CX – Magia Consulting presenting at UKOUG APPS2016


Design a Delightful Customer Experience: Disrupt your Current Services

To thrive today, organisations must continuously improve CX and respond to advancements in modern digital lifestyle. However, the real challenge is to do this whilst maintaining the integrity of the rules and policies at the heart of your organisation.

‘Customer’ can represent many stakeholders including B2B clients, online users, compliance officers and citizens. We will showcase a selection of compelling case studies where business rules defined in natural language, are successfully integrated into enterprise level digital solutions to mobilise services and transform CX.

Our case studies will demonstrate how to design a flexible solution where automated business rules are strategically isolated and centralised, made readable to business users, and deployable on multiple platforms, without compromising the integrity of the rules. We will show how this empowers organisations to respond to change with agility and provide superior CX.

Magia Consulting are presenting this session at UKOUG Applications Conference & Exhibition 2016. For more information, please contact Helen.Westcott@MagiaConsulting.com


Welcome to Magia Consulting

TruePenny People UK Ltd rebranded as Magia Consulting

Welcome to Magia Consulting, previously branded as TruePenny People UK/Europe.  Aside from our new website, and branding, it is business as usual for our team. We are still busy working with client and partners to implement Oracle Policy Automation solutions, and are continually expanding our services to incorporate further complimentary technologies.

We look forward to expanding our portfolio of successful case studies and implementing magical CX solutions with our partner organisation MagiaCX.

For any questions about our organisation, or to request a demo of our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our team or our directors.


Magia Consulting presenting at Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group in Utrecht, Netherlands

Magia Consulting presenting at Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group in Utrecht, Netherlands


Upgrading from OPA 10 to OPA 12

Magia Consulting’s Leona Chauhan will be speaking alongside the Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Product Development Team at the Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group on the 17th November 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands. The presentation will provide advice and guidance about migrating OPA policy models from Version 10 (on premise) to Version 12 (public or private cloud) referencing our client case studies.

We look forward to the event and collaborating with partners and customers

Magia Consulting presenting at Alliance Down Under 2016, Australia Gold Coast.

Magia Consulting is running CRM Workshops for Oracle Policy Automation at Alliance Down Under 2016 in Australia


We are very excited to announce our very experienced technical director, Evert Fernandes, will be running two pre-conference training workshops at Alliance Down Under 2016, organised by Higher Education User Group (HEUG). The workshops will run on Tuesday 8th November and Wednesday 9th November at RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Australia. We will showcase basic functionality of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) and integration to Oracle Service Cloud. This is a unique opportunity for one on one questions to our technical director, hands on training of Oracle Policy Automation, and to see OPA implemented in the context of Higher Education solutions.

For more information please contact Evert.Fernandes@MagiaConsulting.com, or if you wish to attend, you can register here.

Magia Consulting presenting at Building Business Capability 2016, Las Vegas

Magia Consulting speaking at Building Business Capability 2016 in Las Vegas

Transforming Customer Experience using Business Rules

We will be speaking at Building Business Capability, October 31-November 4, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Our session we will showcase a selection of compelling case studies where business rules defined in the natural language have been successfully integrated into enterprise level digital solutions to transform customer experience. From an organisational perspective, “customer” can represent many stakeholders – we shall include employees, B2B clients, online users, compliance officers and citizens.

We will demonstrate how to design a robust solution where business rules defined in the natural language are centralised, and then deployed on multiple platforms, without compromising the integrity of the rules. We will demonstrate how to empower organisations to respond to change with agility, and provide a superior customer experience by offering an intelligent, efficient service which can be deployed to desktops, mobiles, online and cloud applications.

Learn how to maintain agility, transparency and flexibility, create customer-orientated services and modern mobile solutions, leveraging the business rules that are at the heart of your organisation to transform customer experience.

To learn more about this event click here to see our presentation extract. Interested in attending? Contact LeonaLeona.Chauhan@MagiaConsulting.com for our discount code, we can’t wait to see you there.