The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) “Alliance Down Under” event took place in Gold Coast Australia on November 9th-11th. The event attracts higher education users from all over Australia to talk about emerging technologies, ways of doing things and seeing how universities can learn from one another.

Prior to the event, Magia Consulting presented a day and-a-half workshop on Oracle Policy Automation administration. A lot of universities are either already utilising OPA or are thinking about using it in areas like student enrollment, HR, finance calculations and more. OPA provides a way for subject matter experts (SME) to model the sometimes very complicated rules and policies in a way that is clear and transparent in natural language using Word and Excel.

There’s a real drive within Higher Education to reduce time to market and to get value for money. The fact that OPA is available in a full cloud version and that it combines incredibly well with the Oracle Service Cloud (which many universities already use), means that these requirements can be met.

The event was a great success (also helped by the glorious Gold Coast weather!) and will be held again next year.