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Oracle technology services,
shaped around you.

Clients say we have a family feel. Contact us and get a quick and meaningful response. We are part of your team. Our specialist services, shaped around your needs.

Our clients include

“Magia Consulting’s ways of working is what has impressed us most… They are reliable when it comes to delivering ahead of schedule, and their problem-solving and innovative attitude has saved us on several occasions where changes to other systems have impacted their services.”

David Craig


Director of Data Science


Department for Education

“We’ve loved working with Magia to enhance our Oracle Service Cloud. They have improved our user experience and made our site fully accessible. Throughout the process I have felt like a key customer, they are always willing to help, find creative solutions and offer handy hints and tips!”

Claire Thomas


Customer Experience Manager


Consumer Council for Water


At Magia, experience is everything

We pride ourselves on delivering more than just technology. We believe in crafting an experience that involves working closely with our valued clients, forming a cohesive team with a shared ethos, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. This is precisely what we mean when we speak of the Magia experience.

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What we do

We are dedicated to helping our clients maximise the benefits of their Oracle technology investments. Our years of experience have transformed us into go-to experts, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality technical services.
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How we do it

We blend our specialist technical skills with a design thinking approach, enabling us to develop impactful solutions shaped around your unique needs and goals. We also recruit the best talent available: curious, intelligent individuals who are experts in their field.
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Why we do it

Enterprise technology should serve the people who use it, not the other way around. Our vision is to create solutions that empower users in their daily digital lives while also enabling businesses to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness. 
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We are part of your team

Technology we work with

We work with industry-leading products that align with our vision of empowering people with enterprise technology solutions.

Digital experiences shaped around you

Our experience offerings humanise interactions with enterprise technology to create more meaningful experiences for organisations and their ecosystems.

We tailor our offerings with your end users in mind, creating intelligent, empathy-based journeys that simplify processes for you and your customers.

Take a look and let us know which experience you want to enhance within your organisation.

Policy Experience


Your policies always evolve, sometimes slowly, sometimes in giant leaps. Let us help you automate those changes in a simplified, auditable way.

Find out more about Policy Experience

Employee Experience


Empower your employees with intelligent self-service capabilities. Personalised information at their fingertips 24 hours a day.

Find out more about Employee Experience

Customer Experience


Customers don’t care about your processes; they care about their experience. Create intelligent digital experiences that are shaped around your customers.

Find out more about Customer Experience

HR Experience


HR teams are busier than ever. Automate high volume queries to help lighten the load so your HR professionals can focus on high-value requests.

Find out more about HR Experience

Conversational Experience


Give your enterprise technology a voice or a social profile to respond to queries anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Find out more about Conversational Experience

Relational Experience


Go beyond CX with a Relationship-Based Loyalty Experience, creating an emotional connection with customers and employees. Based on decades of scientific research in relationship cognition.

Find out more about Relationship Experience

Speak to us on your terms