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Employee Experience

Treat your employees like your top clients.

With the right approach, it's easier than you might think to use digital tools to enhance the employee experience.

By leveraging our expertise in creating customer experiences, policy management, and design thinking, we can implement an employee experience platform that provides personalised digital services for your employees, similar to a consumer-like experience.

Employee Experience

Employees are 8 times more likely to stay

Relationship-based loyalty experience graphic.

with a company that provides a positive employee experience.

how we work

Employees are your champions

Our work focuses on providing employees with self-service capabilities to take control over their lives by giving them personalised information, tailored processes and access to HR-related services, when convenient to them. 

The benefits for you are better communication tools, better understanding of employee engagement, and less repetitive HR task and queries.

We work with you to really understand your work environment, employee needs, HR objectives and pain points, and then help you select and implement relevant technology solutions from the Oracle toolkit.


What does great look like?

Each client we work with has different priorities for the employee experience that they want to create and the benefits they want to realise. Our skills in Oracle technology, policy automation and customer service can bring some new ideas to the table.


Get some wins on the board

Together, we determine what you can achieve with your existing technology investments, and which digital initiatives will provide the most mutual benefit for your employee experience. For example we could implement knowledge, interactive online forms or chatbots to get you started.


Adopt a user

Creating employee champions to spread the word on the benefits of the new employee experience tools can pay long term dividends. It helps make clear where you are going, allows employees to get involved and gives us the chance to let things bed in while everyone gets used to working in new ways.

Use case

Digital self-service first


What many modern enterprises require is technology that serves the workforce, matching the digital experience employees may have elsewhere as customers. Enable employees to self-serve in a quick and intuitive way, through a channel that suits them best, and free of any device or firewall restriction.


Consider a self-service portal where your employees can search for knowledge articles and FAQs. Augment this with interactive forms and processes that access HR data in real time to advise the employee accordingly. Overlay with an intelligent chatbot that accesses the same data, so your employees always get clear and consistent responses.


Your self-service portal becomes the go-to place for your workforce because they know how efficiently they can get to what they need. With such a solution in place they can concentrate on what makes your business successful.

Digital self-service first
Employee Experience

Underlying technology

We can adapt to your existing technology roadmap or suggest complementary enhancements to reach your employee experience goals.
Employee Experience

Invest in your employees

We can map optimal employee experience journeys or advise you on digital enhancements. The aim is to enable you with self service tools for your employees to benefit both the workforce and HR team.


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