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Relational Experience

Go beyond CX with a relationship-based loyalty experience.

Many organisations seek to understand if their customers are loyal. We take a different approach. We gain to understand if customers feel the organisation is loyal to them. This is a more accurate predictor of customer patronage, ambassadorship, co-ownership and overall goodwill towards the organisation and its initiatives.

By teaming up with SiR Meta Intelligence LLP ("SiR"), we've merged their decades of scientific research in human behaviour, goodwill and loyalty, with our technical know-how. Together, we embed loyalty intent and relational interaction into digital processes, creating a scalable Relationship-Based Loyalty Experience.

You can too join us this exciting area of innovation and move the Experience Economy to the next level.

Relational Experience

"Satisfaction is laziness - you can quote me on that."

Relationship-based loyalty experience graphic.

"Satisfaction is a commodity. Since many years we know that efforts around customer experience, product and service quality, and loyalty benefits and rewards create satisfaction yet find a hard time establishing real relationships: keeping satisfied customer active and keep them as customers in the first place. Indeed, anything you do FOR customers leads to satisfaction, but only the things you do WITH customers leads to loyalty. Relational experience is the conversation of what we are going to do together."

– Dr Olaf Hermans PhD, Co-founder, Director of Science, SiR Meta-Intelligence LLP.

how we work

A relationship is a process not an outcome

Working with SiR, we use two loyalty inducing relationship protocols that make up a relationship-based loyalty experience:

1) Relational Experience by Design

2) Open Relational Conversation by Navigation (using an intelligent engine)


Are you asking the right questions?

We start with a zero baseline Relational Design Measurement, serving to ask people if they feel that what we do is sufficiently relational, and if they believe that you have their best interests at heart. We use structured conversation which is a substitute or extension to traditional customer satisfaction surveys, but go to deeper levels (where needed) to uncover any inconvenient truths. We introduce to you new metrics that allow you to implement RX and build up loyalty profiles of your customers.


Implementing RX

We subtly intertwine relational elements into your existing processes. For the first protocol, Relational Experience by Design, we add loyalty intent and relational interaction into your processes to identify service participants with the most goodwill and transform them into Goodwill Actors. Where goodwill is low, we add relational interaction to repair the relationship. The second protocol, Open Relational Conversation by Navigation, has several conversation model categories which we implement as appropriate. The models include elements for caring encounter, conversion, perspective sharing and cooperative enhancement of people, processes, programmes and platforms.


Measure your customer behaviours

The relational behaviours SiR aim to build are patronage, ambassadorship, experience co-ownership and goodwill. Once you have learned how to create a Relationship Experience (RX) in digital, physical-virtual touchpoints, we will work with you to monitor performance of your relational interactions. We use our conversation-driven dashboard of metrics for Relational Design Measurement and the insights gained from your customers to advise your on your ongoing RX strategy.

use case

Relational Experience by Design delivered by Magia and SiR at a National Bank


A National Bank ran monthly surveys countrywide for businesses that met a certain threshold. This resulted in the production of a report which was fed back to the participants. As other parties were running similar surveys, the bank started seeing an attrition in response rates and significant manual effort, such as phone calls to the businesses, to collate the minimum level of information to ensure the dataset was both relevant and significant enough to be adequately reflective of businesses.


SiR implemented Relational Experience by Design, adding loyalty intent and relational interaction to the survey. The core survey question wording was complemented by commentary and additional questions designed to move the user away from a transaction towards a more emotional journey. Similarly the communications were also updated to help increase audience engagement. SiR's vision was digitised by Magia on the Oracle platform.


Response rates increased with 90% of businesses answering the survey, with a single round of contacting nonresponding businesses. The result was more respondents, less coaching, and therefore a less resource heavy, more cost effective process. We also extended the panel of contacts and there was an increased interest in other research activities of the bank.

Relational Experience by Design delivered by Magia and SiR at a National Bank
Relational Experience

Underlying technology

We can adapt to your existing technology roadmap or suggest complementary ideas to reach your goals.
Relational Experience

Take a relational approach

People have natural inclination towards being caring and loyal. Take a relational approach to people, by implementing a RX. If you do that, people are inclined to return loyalty behaviours, take ownership of their processes and display goodwill behaviour.


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