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Policy Experience

Policy evolves. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes in giant leaps.

Policies can change often. Making sure that your systems reflect them and your staff understand the changes is a critical but often time consuming task. It requires a dedicated effort and a lot of attention to detail, especially when policies are used to make decisions and outcomes.

That's where our services can help. Our team of experts can assist you in automating your policies-related decisions and keep up with communicating changes in a simplified, auditable way.

Policy Experience

A staggering ninety-one percent reduction in appeals was achieved

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by using personalised Intelligent Advisor forms that gather relevant information. This means better automated decisions and faster outcomes.

– Central Government Agency, Magia Client.

how we work

Our expertise

By leveraging our decades' worth of experience with Oracle’s rule-based policy automation tools, we streamline the process of policy management. We automate policies so they can be consistently communicated across your organisation, providing end-users with personalised information.

How about a system that works as you want? Update your policy, change your systems, test, and release. Then sit back and watch your employees, customers, or citizens find what they need through intuitive digital self-service.



We’ll work alongside you to analyse your policies. There might be quirks and complexities but that’s ok, we’re used to that! We will strategize holistically to ensure you are automating the right policies, advise on what is a good fit for automation, and conduct user research to ensure your solution is useful to those who you want to benefit from it.



We’ll automate your policies within a system where they will now live and thrive. We will work with your policy teams and subject matter experts to ensure the automation is correct. As well as automation, we will work on integrating with your backend systems or creating interactive interviews through digital self-service or a chatbot, depending on your requirements.



Your solution will enable you to have a single source of truth for policy queries and consistent responses through different channels, depending on your chosen points of integration. We’ll enable your team to maintain your system through classroom training, mentoring and guidance. We want you to fully own your solution, understand it's power, and evolve it alongside your policies.

Case Study

Yearly policy updates by adding a line in a spreadsheet


Our client, a central government agency, has a complex policy automation solution incorporating over 3000 business rules in a single policy model. Like many government departments, they are subject to regular policy updates.


The policy automation solution provided results for over 2000 individual scenarios, permutations where different scenarios would overlap resulted in 1000s more unique scenarios. The solution displayed provisional results to end users and submitted them to a case worker for a human decision. The case workers were able to see enhanced information relating to the audit trail of the results such as risk flags and sub calculations.


The architecture of the policy automation solution has the strength to handle complex scenarios and the flexibility to allow the agency to implement their business as usual changes using simple known steps. For instance, budget updates which take effect every April 6th, involve simply adding a line in a spreadsheet. We helped to create a centre of excellence and mentored staff members to empower the client to respond with agility to inevitable policy changes.

Yearly policy updates by adding a line in a spreadsheet
Policy Experience

Underlying technology

Policy experience can start small with Oracle Intelligent Advisor. As your business becomes familiar with the tool you can add different technologies to build out the solution.
Policy Experience

Simplify your processes

You can transform any part of your business that relies on rules to drive processes. Whether it’s an employee wanting to understand their holiday or family leave entitlement, a finance team member wishing to add/maintain supplier information, or many other scenarios, let us show you how policy projects could streamline your operation.


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