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HR Experience

Automate high volume, repetitive HR queries.

Everybody talks about the Employee Experience but what about the HR Experience? HR teams and their leaders often have the busiest workloads. Intelligent automation can help lighten the load and this is where we come in.

Using our unique skills at the intersection of technology delivery, automation and service, we aim to make life easier for HR teams and their leadership.

HR Experience

Two hundred & fifty-seven percent year-over-year growth rate of automation

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for HR services and support through tools such as an HR bot and internal helpdesk.

how we work

Get ahead, stay ahead

Don't get left behind. Stay competitive when attracting and retaining top talent by ensuring your HR systems are automated. Give your current HR teams the gift of time by removing repetitive tasks, they'll thank you for it.

By investing in a customised HR Experience, companies can streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes, automate routine HR tasks, and provide their current HR teams with more time to focus on higher-level strategic initiatives.


Process spotting

Which are your most high volume queries? What are your most time-consuming processes? Let's work out where automation can add value and free up time of your HR team. Our consultants can advise the art of the possible from an Oracle technology perspective and work out where to start.


Take back control

Sometimes a process will need a bit of thinking about before it can be automated particularly if it requires linking up to other systems. We work with you to automate your processes and show you how to maintain them. We build and configure the solution to your requirements.


Build out the system

Once an initial structure is in place we can help you bring more processes online and pull in more data from across your enterprise to make a personal and comprehensive HR Experience.

Use Case

Saving the back-and-forth between employees and the HR team


The HR team at a Shared Service Provider received lots of email requests from employees that were often lacking detail, leading to back and forth with the requester to get to the point where requests could be processed.


Working with the HR and IT teams, we developed a portal and a series of process specific interactive forms that can pull data from various systems whilst in-flight. Data entered is validated at the point of collection. Only what’s required is collected, nothing erroneous. A full audit trail is embedded into every request.


The HR team now receive well-formed, clear instructions that have been through a robust approval loop and are ready to process. If any issues occur the audit trail is there and easy to interpret. The originator can also see how their request progresses through the system. More and more processes are now being folded into the new system.

Saving the back-and-forth between employees and the HR team
HR Experience

Underlying technology

We can adapt to your existing technology roadmap or suggest complementary ideas to reach your HR experience goals.
HR Experience

Optimise your HR team's time

As a busy HR professional we aren’t going to waste your time so drop us a line and let us work out how best we can help.


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