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Conversational Experience

Let your tech do the talking.

Are you looking to improve customer service with modern, convenient consumer tools while enhancing your business operations?

Then give your enterprise technology a voice or a social profile to respond to queries anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Conversational Experience

Sixty-two percent of customers would use an online chatbot

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instead of waiting for a customer service representative to take their call

how we work

Add a personal touch to your tech

With the use of chatbots and AI, digital interactions can be transformed into a dynamic experience that feels like a conversation with a real person. And when necessary, there can be a handover to a live agent.

Change the way you engage with your customers, employees and community. Create a personalised and conversational way to automate routine tasks, streamline workflows, and like magic, let your tech do the talking.


Is it time to chat?

Once we understand your goals, we can suggest process improvements where chatbots can help create efficiencies or improve customer engagement. We work out which integration points will add the most value. If your enterprise technology is already equipped with chat, we can provide you with a tuning service to add skills, functionality or integrations.


The magical bits

We then design the chatbots to understand the intent behind users' queries, route them properly, and provide relevant helpful responses in real-time. We can use custom algorithms, rules based or machine-learning (ML) bots with Natural Language Understanding (NLU), synced directly to your chosen interfaces, website, applications, chat or social platform, and voice skills like Siri and Alexa.


Step in if things get awkward

For your customer service needs, we work logical points to create handoffs to live agents to create the complete optimal experience. Aim for effortless interactions that make it easier for your customers to interact with your front and back office technology or agent centre.

Use Case

Using a digital assistant to create smart conversations


The next generation of customers and employees are already using their voices to talk to their technology and, when they enter the workforce in a few years, will look for brands that can hear them.


Working with you we create a VX, aimed at attracting people to your brand. Offer convenience for your customers with digital assistants that are available 24/7 and on multiple platforms including voice and social media.


We will work with you in establishing the measures that will aid you in reporting, and tracking, your chosen VX KPIs, whilst ensuring that they are aligned to the metrics of your traditional CX channels. Supporting you in the definition and provision of gap analysis reports allowing you to monitor, and maintain, the overall conversational experience identifying where users experience blockages or unanswered queries. Ongoing monitoring of effectiveness is key to a successful VX implementation.

Using a digital assistant to create smart conversations
Conversational Experience

Underlying technology

We can adapt to your existing technology roadmap or suggest complementary ideas to reach your VX goals.
Conversational Experience

It's as easy as "Hey, Magia!"

Start your conversation with us today to see how we can enhance the human experience within your existing or newly implemented enterprise technology.


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