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Our Services

By bridging the gap between technology and purpose, we aim to create a collaborative experience for our clients that goes beyond delivering a product, with focus on helping you achieve your goals.


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Strategic Services

Purpose-led innovation starts with a strategic view of the outcomes you want to achieve.

Our consultants will work with you to build up a long term holistic strategy for your technology to support your business goals. We assist with building your roadmap, architecture business case and presentations to stakeholders at all levels.

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Process Improvement

A top-down look at your processes from a customer or employee perspective.

Using our knowledge of technology, we analyse your critical processes to determine a heat map of where you can achieve your biggest gains in automation. We use a design thinking approach to ensure your processes serve you and not the other way around.

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Discovery & Pre-sales

We offer short discovery experience-led sessions to work out how technology can make an impact.

We start with the end-user perspective and how to get you there by using your existing technology and any new investments. We like to start small and build out in short sprints showing what the technology can do at each stage.


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Project Delivery

We have a flexible approach to delivery. We can embed within your teams or you can outsource your project to us and we will deliver it

Working with many different clients over the years we know that each business has a preferred way of operating. We think it is important to shape our technology services around what you require because your know your business best.

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Agile Delivery

We can set up, master, run your teams, working Scrum, Kanban. SAFe, hybrid or your preferred approach.

We’re experienced in Agile delivery, it’s our preferred way of working. We can help you to understand the methodology and the technology that facilitates it. We help set up your project, create product backlogs, define user stories, provide scrum masters, and team members.

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Our technical experts are adept at achieving your outcome no matter what the technology.

We have a comprehensive set of implementation skills across many different technologies and programming languages, and we are using new ones all the time. With a team of true problem solvers, we surprise many clients by achieving what others have failed to do.


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Managed Services

We can tailor a managed service to exactly what you need to support your business.

We aim to make our clients self-sufficient but some clients prefer us to provide a managed service to continue our support. There is no size fits all when it comes to managed services therefore we are fully flexible in our support offering and shape our service to your needs.

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Become fully enabled so you can confidently own and evolve your solution.

You may want to be fully enabled in the technology that underpins your solution. This is so you can confidently update it to satisfy the needs of your users and customers/employees. We provide bespoke enablement sessions to help you to achieve this.

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Centre of Excellence

We offer centre of excellence development for ongoing maintenance of your IT systems.

One thing our clients appreciate is being self-sufficient. With this in mind, we can set up a centre of excellence for your organisation to fully take on supporting your technology using best practices and ongoing focus of maintaining high standards.

“Magia Consulting have been successfully delivering projects for the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and its predecessor organisations for 5 years. They have delivered a wide range of projects on our behalf, and have provided us with professional services working with Business Analysts, testers, User Researchers and Content Designers to ensure a service is fit for purpose.”

David Craig

Director of Data Science


Department for Education

"We’ve loved working with Magia to enhance our Oracle Service Cloud. Tech speak can be a little overwhelming at times, however Magia made me feel comfortable to ask the ‘stupid questions’. They have improved our user experience and made our site fully accessible. Throughout the process I have felt like a key customer, they are always willing to help, find creative solutions and offer handy hints and tips!"

Claire Thomas

Customer Experience Manager


Consumer Council for Water

Technology we work with

We work with industry-leading products that align with our vision of empowering people with enterprise technology solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you sell Oracle licences?

Yes, we do. There are certain limits depending on the product and your turnover. There are special rules for Public Sector customers.

What are your SLAs for your managed services?

We work with you when defining your managed service to understand your needs, wants, risk areas and obligations to your customers and user groups. Our approach is to jointly agree details of the service including SLAs, fully shaping our service around your specific requirements.

What if I want your advice to implement but run the system myself?

If you want to take complete control over the solution, then we can provide advice on the skills you need, provide training, and hand it over to you. We can also assist in setting up your centre of excellence for certain product areas to ensure you are getting the most from your technology investment.

What about hosting?

We can advise on hosting or hosting on your behalf. We can provide a code maintenance service or be part of a blended team with your people. It’s up to you; we’re flexible. And if your approach changes, we can change ours.

Can you advise me on what cloud strategy we should adopt?

We will work with you to determine what’s appropriate for you now and in the future. What’s the best technology combination for you? Is it speed of development, making maintenance more painless, creating efficiencies (perhaps you have an Azure tenancy), making the best use of in-house resources and environments.

Why should I choose you to advise me on what customer service software is best for my business?

We are a small business and must ensure our customers have the best service. While we can’t know everything, we have seen a lot, and we can give you friendly advice about what we know works and what things to look for when selecting a CRM system.

Where do you provide your services?

We provide services globally. We work mostly in the English language.

How long does it take to have a new system up and running?

Each customer is different, but we can start small and build out. You don’t have to change everything at once. We ideally aim to deliver an initial component within 6-8 weeks but this will depend on the scope and complexity of your project.

Can you integrate with other systems?

One of our key differentiators is our ability to build whatever integration you need to move your data around. We have skills in integration technologies and can pull data into systems and send it out to middleware or directly to other applications. We can integrate cloud, on premise, bespoke and legacy applications.

How do I set up a discovery call?

Please book a time for your call using the Contact Us section of our website.

Are you Oracle agnostic?

Yes, we work with many different technologies and cloud platforms and have successful open-source projects. Our key partnership is with Oracle, we have a long history with Microsoft technology too and have worked with clients with AWS.

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