The Magia brand

Magia Consulting is an specialist consultancy who are experts in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), automated decision making and risk based automation.

Magia provide the full life cycle of implementation services for business rules centred projects, and is both an Oracle Platinum Partner specialising in all versions of Oracle Policy Automation, and a Microsoft Partner specialising in integration of rules engines with Microsoft technology.

Our core values




Local Presence





We work with your systems and automate your organisation specific policies, with focus on building solutions that deliver you real value. We can implement your rules engines as standalone products, or to compliment and enhance other enterprise applications including solutions for CRM, HR, ERP, Financials and bespoke applications.


Business Rules Management Systems are often instrumental in differentiating services and the customer experience, and provide significant value when implemented alongside COTS and SAAS products by ensuring automation is in place that specifically meets the requirements of your organisation.

Customer needs are the heart of our organisation

Magia Consulting have engaged with a portfolio of clients around the globe, offering industry-leading expertise.


We put our customer’s needs at the heart of the solutions we implement, and work closely with our clients to ensure we understand the key drivers for change and organisational challenges. Our goal is to create effective solutions to enhance operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide a better user experience for our client’s digital service users.