Magia CX UK Ltd (Magia) is a technology solutions provider and consultancy, that specialises in automation, rule engine and customer experience technology to empower organisations to convert complex business requirements into simple-to-use intelligent digital solutions. 

Customers are at the heart of our organisation

Magia have engaged with a portfolio of clients around the globe, offering industry leading expertise. We put our customer’s needs at the heart of the solutions we implement and work closely with our clients to ensure we understand the key drivers for change and organisational challenges.


Our intent is to create effective solutions to enhance operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide a better user experience for our client’s digital service users.

Our goal is deliver you value

Our focus is to provide solutions that solve day to day business problems, and we pride ourselves on delivering real value to our clients. By automating organisational policies and business rules, we enable our customers to optimise their policy management and decision- making capabilities whilst providing end-users with a personalised system experience. We also implement risk-based automation for repetitive and unambiguous decisions, to allow internal employees to focus on complex decision making and high value work where creativity and human attention is needed.

Commitment to strategic partnership

We are committed to being strategic business partners with our clients. It is within our culture to be open and transparent, and work as “one team” with both our customers and any other supplier they may work with. We use best of breed technology to create robust and flexible solutions that can be maintained with minimal technical cost and offer a number of tailored training packages to empower organisations that intend to maintain their own digital solutions. We also work with reputable partners who complement our areas of expertise and to enable us to offer complete implementation project services and provide full end-to-end business solutions.

We are proud of our technical expertise

Magia are world class technical experts in Oracle Intelligent Advisor, and have worked with every aspect of the product from policy model development to cloud migration and mobile implementation. We maintain close links with Oracle Intelligent product development to provide feedback, ensure our team is knowledgeable with upcoming features ahead and enable our customers gain maximum value from their Oracle investment. We have repeatable methodologies and proven automation tools which we use to deliver high value efficiently.

Magia also has a high level of experience working with Microsoft technology, including extensive experience in .NET and Azure, and as a result we have also become a Microsoft Partner. We can implement your chosen rules engine on the Microsoft platform, or any platform of choice.

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Magia Directors

Leona Chauhan

Leona is Chief Executive Officer at Magia Consulting. Leona has 15+ years of professional experience working on digital transformation programmes. She has a strong technical background having started her career at Oracle working on global projects and her portfolio covers customers across multiple sectors including finance, pharmaceutical, education, retail and governments. Leona has managed both technical and functional delivery teams, advised clients and partners on strategic technology direction and presented customer success stories at a number of events globally.

Evert Fernandes CTO

Evert is the Chief Technical Officer at Magia Consulting and has been in IT for the past 25 years in various roles, from C++ developer to Technical Architect. For 12 of those years he has been directly involved as an ‘Intelligent Advisor’ expert (formerly known as Oracle Policy Automation), with a focus on integration and customisation. Evert has been involved with projects worldwide for Magia Consulting, including successful implementations of Intelligent Advisor for the UK Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and the University of South Australia (UniSA).

Roger Miller

Roger is Chief Financial Officer and Operations Director Magia Consulting. He has 17 years experience in global IT in general, 12 of those directly involved with Business Rules Management Systems. Roger is an ‘Intelligent Advisor’ expert (formerly known as Oracle Policy Automation). He has in depth knowledge of back end systems and is a master of several programming languages such as C, C++, Java and C#, having carried out many successful integrations on large scale systems.

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