Design a Delightful Customer Experience: Disrupt your Current Services

To thrive today, organisations must continuously improve CX and respond to advancements in modern digital lifestyle. However, the real challenge is to do this whilst maintaining the integrity of the rules and policies at the heart of your organisation.

‘Customer’ can represent many stakeholders including B2B clients, online users, compliance officers and citizens. We will showcase a selection of compelling case studies where business rules defined in natural language, are successfully integrated into enterprise level digital solutions to mobilise services and transform CX.

Our case studies will demonstrate how to design a flexible solution where automated business rules are strategically isolated and centralised, made readable to business users, and deployable on multiple platforms, without compromising the integrity of the rules. We will show how this empowers organisations to respond to change with agility and provide superior CX.

Magia Consulting are presenting this session at UKOUG Applications Conference & Exhibition 2016. For more information, please contact